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Unleashing the next wave of women business leaders

Change starts here

How many women do you know with the talent, tenacity and work ethic to move mountains but who are held back by internal and external forces? Perhaps you’re one of them. Our culture may have us think that those forces are immovable, but a wave of new female business leaders is bringing a shift - and you can join them.

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Ready to unleash change?

Whether you’re a leader in the making, one who hasn't yet hit her stride or a development professional looking to propel your staff, Stephanie can help you achieve paradigm-shifting results.


Find out how Stephanie’s expert guidance can accelerate your rise to the top and turn each setback into an opportunity for personal and professional growth


If you’re looking for an effective, scalable way to advance your best people, Stephanie’s training programmes are a smart and transformative solution


Stephanie is passionate about sharing her insights and gives regular talks at events across the UK. Find out how she can make a lasting impact on your audience

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Stephanie's clients include

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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is on a mission to change how we define successful leadership. As a certified coach specialising in women’s development, she has spent years designing and refining methods to help the next wave of female business leaders take their seat at the head of the table


Could your career or people be transformed?

"I was afraid that coaching would be a surface-level operation, but Stephanie has a gift for uncovering subtle blocks that you weren't aware of and of gently encouraging you to interrogate long-held beliefs. Trusting Stephanie came easily due to her authenticity, compassion and emotional intelligence. When we came to the end of our coaching programme I felt like we had achieved what would have taken me years to realise and accomplish on my own"  - Eleni

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