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When it comes to creating a genuinely diverse and equal workforce, corporate Britain is still failing women.

You are undoubtedly aware of the statistics. While women and men enter the workforce in equal numbers, women make up less than a third of senior leadership in most corporates. This is despite huge media coverage and concerted efforts by government and business over the past two decades. And recent studies reveal that senior women are leaving their jobs in the highest numbers ever recorded.


Clearly, the current approach isn't working. But why? We decided to find out.

We commissioned new research giving a voice to women at the heart of Britain’s corporate environment. In other words, we did something incredibly simple yet mind-blowingly powerful. We asked the women.


Most of the existing research on women in the workplace is either US-centric or combines data from multiple territories. It is also primarily quantitative. We wanted to hear from UK women, directly and at depth, about their wants, needs and experiences.

Stephanie Aitken Speaker, business coach, trainer and consultant

The outcome is a report that spells out exactly what UK corporate women really want, and how this differs from their lived experience of work.

The ultimate aim: to help corporates retain more women and improve gender diversity throughout the organisation. In this research you will discover:

the key challenges making women’s career progression more complex and daunting

the tailored support you need to offer your women at 3 key career stages, to ensure they
continue to progress with you

the two areas for change which will make the biggest difference for your women

the practical steps you can take to provide the right support at the right times, to create
better gender balance in your organisation

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