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If you’re a C-suite executive, manager, or learning & development professional, you will know the compelling business case for moving more women into senior roles:

Stephanie Aitken Consultancy Services

up to 30–50% increase in profitability

an enhanced reputation

greater innovation

improved capacity to attract the best talent

higher talent retention and engagement

But when you look up at the top tiers of your organisation, the gap between the number of men and women remains wide. And it’s not for the lack of women-focused initiatives, or female talent entering your workforce. So why is the needle moving so slowly?

What we’ve discovered – backed by our ground-breaking research,  is that many companies are overlooking some fundamentals.

This is a conundrum facing many organisations, that we have observed and analysed for the past 10 years.

A key issue is companies not assessing what their women actually want and need. Generic interventions are rolled out, often haphazardly, targeting a small cohort of women and/or intervening too late in a woman’s career. While well-intentioned, these initiatives have little or no impact. Worse still, women perceive them as paying lip service, which undermines their trust and loyalty.


We use our model to help you unearth the needs of your women. We then support you to implement a bespoke suite of culture-aligned initiatives that enable those women to thrive and keep progressing.

Stephanie Aitken Consultancy Services






We conduct an in-depth review of your women at key stages of your talent pipeline to reveal what they need in order to succeed. We combine this with a gap analysis of what is currently in place.


We work with you to design a comprehensive bespoke suite of initiatives that support your women through their career life cycles.


We support you to implement, communicate and embed these initiatives within your organisation.

What our clients say

"Stephanie and team took the time to actively listen, understand and design a course to our exact needs. They delivered exactly what they promised. The business actors made the practical course elements realistic and engaging, while Stephanie brought along a wealth of corporate experience that truly added value. The course feedback was excellent."


Phillip Westermeyer, L&D Manager

To explore how we might work together, book a call.

Stephanie Aitken Consultancy Services
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