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If you truly wish to attract and retain more women to realise gender parity all the way through your talent pipeline then it is essential to address this issue holistically.


Too many companies take a scattergun approach to supporting their women. They base their approach on assumptions about what women want rather than listening to the real needs of the women within their organisation. They adopt generic programmes with variable outcomes and often unintended consequences including, for example, the alienation of other gender groups. And they don’t provide the kind of tailored approach that women are seeking at different stages in their careers.


This kind of approach may give the impression of tangible progress but in reality, the data tells a very different story. The potential benefits of parity on profit and performance are lost – and DEI investment ends up being seen as a ‘nice to have’ with no commercial return rather than an essential for a high-performing business.

If you are in the early stages of mapping out a specific set of interventions to improve your gender representation, we can help you avoid the common pitfalls and implement a strategy that has your women feel truly supported and content to stay.

If you’ve looked at your data and realised that what you currently have in place to advance women is not working to the degree you had hoped, we can help you revamp your approach to ensure that it makes a measurable difference. Listening to your women, understanding their lived experience and providing targeted
support that delivers sustainable change is essential to creating true gender parity.

We can help you at every step of that journey, applying our 4- stage model to align your business to parity:

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