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Stephanie Aitken business coach



Systemic and cultural change often unfolds at a pace that falls far short of a woman’s ambition – let alone your company’s aspirations for better gender balance and the enhanced performance that this delivers. So, in the meantime, you need to actively support your women to advance: this is where coaching is invaluable.


With societal and corporate power structures historically favouring men and suppressing women, many women have internalised barriers to progress and success. These manifest as imposter syndrome, low confidence, self doubt, not speaking up, or stagnating in a role. Even if they do hit a leadership milestone, they may exhibit behaviour that runs counter to their interests and their position.

For example, they may stay quiet during critical meetings, even though they want to speak up; or they may conform to the status quo in order to be accepted and as a result, lose their spark and passion for their work. Alternatively, women in these circumstances will strive to prove themselves but end up overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted. This can lead to resentment, burn-out, prolonged absences and the departure of female staff - with all of the obvious consequences for performance and the achievement of long-term parity goals that this implies.


Coaching helps women to unpack the paradox that, despite expertise and ambition, they hesitate to take the next career step because they feel unsure they have what it takes, alienated by the culture and demands at the top and doubtful that the sacrifice is actually worth it.

Our founder Stephanie has extensive experience of coaching women on a 1-2-1 and group basis. Her unique approach reflects women’s unique challenges and needs and s he has a proven track record of using coaching to address the challenges that women face.

Stephanie Aitken business coach

Working one-to-one or as part of our group coaching programmes, Stephanie will help your women to:

identify and design a career trajectory that aligns with their values and life goals

dial down bad habits while dialling up confidence and dissolving limiting beliefs

establish new habits for working effectively and fruitfully without burning out

become resilient leaders who can master stressful and challenging situations

evolve their communication skills so that colleagues hang on their every word

embody a different kind of leadership that can transform the workplace through
emotional intelligence and authenticity

What our clients say

"Before embarking on this process I lived in constant fear of being “found out” – the imposter syndrome had me bad! I was anxious and overwhelmed, derailed by a single terse email in my inbox. However, I would never have admitted it to myself I was working myself too hard and heading for burnout.   
I never thought I was someone who would benefit from coaching, preferring to power on through hard work and determination. Without wishing to sound too dramatic, the coaching has changed my life both from a work and home perspective. I feel in control, poised and able to take on life’s challenges. I’ve even learnt to be a little kinder to myself!  
Stephanie was fantastic, completely blowing away any preconceptions I may have had regarding coaching or mentoring. It felt that Stephanie could relate to what I was saying and was able to decipher my feelings or explanations from what often felt like an incoherent stream of consciousness. I felt able to be open and honest which is not easy for me and I never felt anything but support from Stephanie


Associate lawyer, UK law firm

If you’d like to find out more about our coaching services, or to set up a chemistry call with one of your women, please get in touch.

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