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If you’re a manager or an HR/L&D professional you know the compelling business case for moving more women into senior roles: 

  • Boards with at least three women directors are almost 50% more profitable than those without.

  • Fortune 500 companies with more female executives have 35% higher return on equity and deliver 34% higher returns to shareholders.

  • Gender diversity has a positive impact on staff morale, talent recruitment and company image.

Yet when you look up at the top tiers of your organisation, women aren’t featuring in significant enough numbers - and it’s not for lack of talent. While you can turn to lateral hiring to fill those senior roles, you know that change happens at the heart of a company and that nurturing your  best people leads to higher retention. Despite your dedicated efforts to support women up the ladder though, the situation isn’t improving fast enough. 

So what’s happening?

Through her extensive work in the corporate world, Stephanie has discovered that a woman on the cusp of stepping up is usually held back by the three “C barriers”:


  1. Capability:  She doubts her ability to take on more senior responsibilities so avoids going for the promotion or feels shaky when she does.

  2. Congruence:  She fears advancing will lead to burnout, less time with family and poor work-life balance.

  3. Confidence:  She struggles to showcase her big ideas during decisive meetings and command her place at the table, particularly in male-dominated settings.


Some women are at a crucial tipping point, ready to overcome these barriers through tailored one-to-one coaching (visit Stephanie’s coaching page to see how she can support them). For others, group training programmes are an impactful and sustainable way to propel them forward. 

Stephanie’s transformational training addresses the three “C barriers” using dynamic tools designed with deep consideration for how women instinctively function and thrive 

Key components include:


  • Undoing the programming and habits holding many women back: perfectionism; imposter syndrome; conforming to please; strong inner critic.

  • A powerful framework for time and energy management that enables women to be more effective, productive and resilient.

  • A model for female leadership that draws on collaboration, caring, compassion, connection and courage.

  • Developing the features of an unmistakable leader: confidence, communication and stronger relationships. 

  • Public speaking with authentic impact and charisma.  


Stephanie’s training programme will empower your delegates to break down deep-seated barriers and unlock their full potential, enriching your organisation with their newfound confidence and prowess. 


The training sessions are practical, experiential and use accelerated learning techniques to ensure key takeaways are implemented immediately and can create lasting change within each delegate. The programme’s scope, content and duration can be designed to fit your unique needs. For example, you may wish to focus on one particular area such as resilience or confidence.


Stephanie also delivers communication and relationship building training for mixed gender groups. Do get in touch if you would like to find out more about these programmes.


To discuss training for your teams click on the button below:


"The training was above and beyond what we were expecting and everyone on the course found it invaluable and enlightening with various tools to support us. Stephanie was professional, sensitive and enthusiastic. Most importantly, her own personal confidence when presenting made her both an authentic and inspirational trainer."

Catheryne Littlejohns, Head of Digital Production & Programme

“Thank you Stephanie for an excellent and informative session – for me the most enjoyable and useful since I’ve been with the firm (7 years)”

Partner, UK law firm

“Stephanie was incredible, easily the best training I've had at the firm. The best aspect was that it helped me improve almost instantly and gave me much more confidence.”

Business Services Manager, leading international law firm

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