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Stephanie Aitken Speaker, business coach, trainer and consultant


Unleashing the power of gender parity in the corporate world

Change starts here

Improving gender balance is not simply a moral imperative. The business case is clear: advancing more women improves profitability and performance.

Countless studies show when companies have better gender balance it cascades into positive outcomes: greater innovation, enhanced company reputation, improved recruitment and retention of talent, increased staff engagement and higher profit margins.

Yet, the further we look up the corporate ladder the fewer women we see, despite decades of concerted efforts to address this imbalance.

Stephanie Aitken Speaker, business coach, trainer and consultant

At Stephanie Aitken Consulting, our proprietary methodology helps companies to improve gender balance and thereby enhance profit and performance. It starts with listening to what your women actually want rather than building policies and processes based on assumptions. Then providing them with tailored support at each stage of their career whilst cultivating a corporate framework and culture that enables women to thrive.


We work with companies exactly like yours to create better gender balance in a way that creates unity not division so that you can retain more women without alienating others. We harness our extensive expertise in women’s professional development and apply our unique process to create outstanding bespoke solutions that will unleash the power of gender parity in your organisation.

Ready to unleash change?

Our 4-stage methodology will help you to retain and progress more women

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We start by helping you to uncover exactly what it is that your women want and need: no assumptions, no misconceptions – just a clear understanding based on quantitative and qualitative insight. We then apply this knowledge to help you achieve paradigm shifting results by removing the barriers to progress; creating tailored programmes of support that reflect the needs of your women, your workforce and your organisation; and then helping you to embed systemic change to ensure that your results are sustainable.


Whether you’re a senior executive wanting to improve gender diversity in your organisation, a development professional looking to enhance the career prospects of your people or a DEI champion seeking motivating inspiration for your initiatives: we can help.

The 4 key ways you can work with us are:

Are you struggling to realise true gender diversity across your organisation?

Find out what women really want and need to succeed in corporate Britain. Read our breakthrough research. Use it as a blueprint for your women’s initiatives.

Stephanie Aitken Speaker, business coach, trainer and consultant

Meet our founder

Stephanie is on a mission to ensure we reach gender parity in our lifetime. As a gender diversity expert specialising in women’s development, she has spent years designing and refining methods that enable a fair representation of women right through to the top of the corporate world.


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What our clients say

"The training was above and beyond what we were expecting and everyone on the course found it invaluable and enlightening with various tools to support us. Stephanie was professional, sensitive and enthusiastic. Most importantly, her own personal confidence when presenting made her both an authentic and inspirational trainer."


Catheryne Hill, Head of Digital Production


Ready to create a paradigm shift in your organisation?

Book an exploratory call to see how we could work together to deliver breakthrough change.

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