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You have smarts, know-how and talent. You’ve experienced success in your career and it felt gratifying. But underneath that impressive LinkedIn resume lies a desire for greater fulfilment. You know there’s more that you can be, give and do.

This is ‘Next Level You’

The unstoppable version of you who is clear about what she wants and what she can bring to the table.


She’s brave enough to take a different approach, to share big ideas and be a stand for what matters. She’s an empowered leader making her unique mark inside and outside the office. 


She knows how to honour her professional and personal goals without tipping the scales in one direction. 


She was taught that to ascend the ladder means to sacrifice, but she knows sidelining her values and relationships leads to burnout and perpetuates a self-serving culture. So instead she chooses balance. 

But something is stopping this ‘Next Level You’ from fully emerging 

Yes, there are systemic factors at play, but you know that a major part of what is holding you back is what’s going on inside your head.


You might be hesitating about taking the next step up in your career. Or maybe you’ve made the move but are struggling.


You might be feeling:

  • Unsure that you have what it takes

  • Alienated by the culture at the top (will you find your place in a male-dominated space?)

  • Considering if it’s actually worth it (are the personal sacrifices too big?)


As these doubts occupy your mind, you stagnate, lose your drive and long to feel more fulfilled. Meanwhile, your peers are passing you by and the pressure to step up keeps building. 


Perhaps you’ve hit that leadership milestone but find that you:

  • Hesitate during critical meetings when you want to speak up 

  • Hold back on sharing some of your bigger ideas 

  • Conform to the status quo to be accepted 

  • Strive to prove yourself but end up overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted 


This has real consequences. It means you don’t have the full visibility and impact needed to break through to the next level. A moment of hesitation can make the difference between whose idea is chosen and who gets the promotion.


Whatever your circumstances, you’ve reached a point where things are no longer sustainable. Something has to change. 


You have a choice. You can continue to navigate this on your own or you can make a game-changing, energy-conserving investment by seeking skilled insight and guidance.

Ready to embody next level you? Stephanie can show you the path 

Think of Stephanie as your personal guide, cheerleader and anchor. Maybe even your secret weapon. She’s here to invigorate your potential and hold you accountable to the vision of yourself you know is possible. 


Stephanie’s coaching isn’t based on formulas or templates. Instead, she draws on years of professional development expertise, tailoring powerful practical tools to help you:


  • Identify and design a career trajectory aligned with your values and life goals 

  • Dial down bad habits while dialling up confidence and dissolving limiting beliefs

  • Establish new habits that enable you to work effectively and fruitfully without overdoing it

  • Become a resilient leader who can master stressful and challenging situations 

  • Evolve your communication skills so that colleagues hang on your every word

  • Join a new wave of leaders transforming the workplace through emotional intelligence and authenticity


This isn’t about learning more traditional leadership skills or embracing ‘masculine’ models of aspiration: single-minded focus, hustler mentality, ‘no pain no gain’. This isn’t about shrinking who you are to get to the top. This is about building your core strengths to make your impact and contribute to change at the top.


Coaching will have a profound impact on your life and it will touch others too - your colleagues who will benefit from your positive and unique contribution, other women desperately searching for role models who can present a path paved with authenticity and courage.  


This vision starts with you. 

Are you ready to find out more?

The first step is the discovery call, a commitment-free opportunity to discuss the challenges and goals unique to you. At the end of the conversation you’ll have a clear picture of how a tailored coaching programme could propel you into a life that feels more meaningful and whole. Click on the button below to set it up:


"Before embarking on this process I lived in constant fear of being “found out” – the imposter syndrome had me bad! I was anxious and overwhelmed, derailed by a single terse email in my inbox. However, I would never have admitted it to myself I was working myself too hard and heading for burnout.   


I never thought I was someone who would benefit from coaching, preferring to power on through hard work and determination. Without wishing to sound too dramatic, the coaching has changed my life both from a work and home perspective. I feel in control, poised and able to take on life’s challenges. I’ve even learnt to be a little kinder to myself!  


Stephanie was fantastic, completely blowing away any preconceptions I may have had regarding coaching or mentoring. It felt that Stephanie could relate to what I was saying and was able to decipher my feelings or explanations from what often felt like an incoherent stream of consciousness. I felt able to be open and honest which is not easy for me and I never felt anything but support from Stephanie"

  Associate lawyer, UK law firm

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