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Stephanie Aitken Coaching

Result: Internal blocks are holding you back

Stephanie Aitken Coaching

There are three common internal barriers that can prevent a woman from stepping up to leadership effectively:


  1. Capability:  She doubts her ability to take on more senior responsibilities so avoids going for the promotion or feels shaky when she does.

  2. Congruence:  She fears advancing will lead to burnout, less time with family and poor work-life balance.

  3. Confidence:  She struggles to showcase her big ideas during decisive meetings and command her place at the table, particularly in male-dominated settings.


Your responses reveal that several of these barriers are blocking your pathway towards leadership. You probably predicted this outcome as you were making your way through the quiz, didn’t you?


What you’ll also know is that overcoming these barriers is crucial. For as long as you don’t, they will continue to consume your time and energy. Not only is managing doubt, fear and a lack of confidence exhausting but it keeps women small and slows down their career progression. Here’s the good news though: evolving past them is completely within your power.


The first step towards achieving this profound shift is to zone in on exactly what is holding you back. As you read through the above 3 barriers, think about which ones cast the biggest shadow over your life. What damage are they responsible for and how frequently do they show up? Solutions begin to flow when we can name and confront the problem.

Clarity seems so simple once we’ve achieved it, but getting there is another story. It requires seeing beyond our blindspots, reflecting on the right questions and knowing what to do with the answers.


This process is easier to unlock with the help of an experienced leadership coach. If you’re ready for change, Stephanie can offer you a free coaching session to debrief your test results in more detail. In it she will break down exactly how these barriers are affecting you and share practical and empowering tools you can employ to address them. This will only be available for the next 30 days so make sure you book your session soon.

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