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Confident Leadership for Women workshop

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Wednesday 25th May, 12pm UK time
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You’ve worked your way up to a leadership position.

You’ve got experience under your belt.

You’ve achieved successes.

And yet you still don’t feel like you’ve fully hit your stride.

In fact, sometimes you actively doubt yourself and wonder if you have what it takes.

Does this resonate?

This is one of the paradoxes of women’s leadership.

So many talented and brilliant women live a contradictory experience. 

To the outside world we put on a great act of competence, but internally it’s taking a LOT of paddling beneath the surface.  Especially if you work in an alpha culture where it feels like you’re swimming against the tide.


What can make all the difference is to come back to basics.

Confident leadership requires that we have strong foundations, and that first, we lead ourselves.

Then we can really own our place at the leadership table.


This workshop is going to help you to do exactly that. To be the leader you aspire to be.

It will be perfect for you if you're a woman working within an organisation and you either manage a team; are in a leadership position or head up a large project.

In this free 75 minute lunchtime workshop I am going to help you to:


  • Manage negative thinking

  • Nurture your resilience

  • Communicate with authority

  • Be more visible to improve your reputation & career prospects

  • Leverage the support of your peers


It will be highly practical so you’ll leave with an understanding of exactly what you need to do. And it will be a rare moment to pause and reflect meaningfully on your career and leadership.

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I ran this workshop last week and the participants loved it, here is what some of them said:

"the session was very insightful and wonderful to be a part of it"

"Interesting and helpful tools and thoughts"

"Thank you Stephanie for a super-powered session that has been impactful"

The great news is that this workshop on Wednesday 25th May (12pm UK time) is going to be different, possibly even better, because it will be a more intimate group run on Zoom meeting rather than webinar. The benefit for you is a much more interactive and personalised experience with me and the other women, so I'm really excited about that.

All you need to do is register your place below and make sure to add it immediately to your calendar (by registering you consent to receiving emails from me relating to this workshop and other occasional snippets of wisdom or learning opportunities).

I really look forward to seeing you there!

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