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Stephanie Aitken Coaching

Circular Leadership Mastermind - Cohort 5

Here are the recordings of our live sessions:

(scroll down to see all recordings)

Here are the recordings of the topics:

(scroll down to see all recordings)

Here are the summaries of the topics:

(click the icon to download)

CLM - Circular culture vs Alpha culture.pdf
CLM Topic 1 summary- Exercise Instructions.pdf
CLM Topic 2 summary - PowerTypes as Leaders.pdf
CLM Topic 3 summary -  Strategic time management.pdf
CLM Topic 4 summary - Communicating with Influence Handout.pdf
CLM Topic 5 summary - Managing your fear & imposter syndrome.pdf
CLM Topic 6 summary - Minimising your Authority.pdf
CLM Topic 7 summary - Conscious Network Design.pdf
CLM Topic 7 summary - OOM SoftPower Planning process.pdf
CLM Topic 7 summary- Being Strategic about your career.pdf
CLM Topic 8 summary - Amplify yourself at work.pdf
CLM Topic 9 summary - Effective delegation and feedback.pdf
CLM Topic 10 summary - Dealing with sexist communication.pdf
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