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Stephanie is an experienced and engaging speaker offering practical wisdom, thought-provoking observations and the latest research - all weaved together through inspiring storytelling. Your audience will walk away with an immediate shift in perspective and the tools to action their newfound learnings.


Stephanie’s diverse background enables her to establish an authentic connection with her audience. Born in Brazil and raised in Geneva and London, she has an intuitive understanding of the cultural differences that shape our worldviews and factors these into her talks to ensure her stories remain relevant. 


Stephanie has a deep understanding of the business world. She worked as a lawyer in large corporates for over a decade and has run her own company for the past six years. She has been studying human behaviour throughout her career and loves drawing on her expertise in interpersonal skills and wellbeing practices.

Her talks focus on two core themes:

The New Female Business Leader 


The face of leadership is changing. ‘Vulnerability’ is no longer an unspoken word and the limitations of the tough ‘alpha boss’ archetype have been exposed. Women are in a prime position to own a new paradigm of leadership rooted in emotional intelligence, caring and collaboration. Countless studies have shown that this style of leadership is incredibly good for business and increasing the number of senior female leaders is key to this. For many women, making this leap requires dismantling deeply-held, limiting beliefs about their abilities and ambitions.


During this talk Stephanie will share:

  • The benefits of balanced female leadership for business

  • The three key barriers holding women back from progressing in their careers

  • How women can overcome these barriers  

  • A model that enables women to draw on their core strengths, develop resilience and become authentic, powerful leaders

Beyond Gender Equality 

Achieving gender equality is an urgent priority for our world, but it shouldn’t be our final goal. By addressing half of the equation (women’s rights) and failing to remedy the challenges men face in our society, we risk perpetuating harmful gender divisions. 


Instead, we need to value the inherent strengths that lie within ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ qualities, whether these are embodied by men or women, and create cultures that harness and celebrate these differences. This needs to happen in every sphere – governments, boardrooms, communities and homes - so that we can become a more collaborative society with significantly more resources through which to solve the world’s biggest problems and achieve sustainable growth. 


In this talk Stephanie will explain: 

  • The case for moving our conversation and initiatives beyond gender equality towards gender harmony

  • What gender harmony is and why it’s essential in the workplace and beyond

  • How we can work together to accelerate towards it

Stephanie is also happy to custom design a talk on a related topic to fit your needs

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To find out how Stephanie can make an impact at your event click on the button below:


"Stephanie is a professional and authentic speaker who never fails to convey her warm personality whilst on stage. She has been equally at ease when I’ve put her on stages large and small; and has a contagious enthusiasm for her subject.  She’s incredibly adept at taking complex topics and and making them relatable and engaging. Feedback from the audience about her has been excellent"

  Kevin Whelan, CEO, WealthBuilders

“Stephanie can build rapport with any audience and captivate their attention with her clarity of thought. As well as being a dynamic and engaging speaker; she has a gift for handling different emotional states that may arise and ensuring that everyone remains on the journey with her.  I’m impressed by how diligent she is in her preparation and I can always rely on her to tailor topics to fit our needs and deliver the outcomes we’ve agreed upon.”

Dr Joanna Martin, founder, One of many

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