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Result: Yes, you're ready!

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There are three common internal barriers that can prevent a woman from stepping up to leadership effectively:


  1. Capability: She doubts her ability to take on more senior responsibilities so avoids going for the promotion or feels shaky when she does.

  2. Congruence: She fears advancing will lead to burnout, less time with family and poor work-life balance.

  3. Confidence: She struggles to showcase her big ideas during decisive meetings and command her place at the table, particularly in male-dominated settings.


While you may occasionally experience some of the above limitations, your responses reveal that, for the most part, these don’t inhibit you in a major way. Well done!


If you’re eyeing up leadership, you can be confident in the knowledge that you have the right building blocks to become a capable and confident leader. Once you’ve landed your leadership role, the next stage will be to refine your skills and relevant technical knowledge so that you can fully realise the impact you’re seeking to make.


Already in a leadership role? You’ve built a solid foundation to work from. Keep cultivating that strong mindset; it’s a muscle that needs to stay in shape for continued growth to happen.


As with every woman who strives to evolve, there is probably a gap between your current self and the leader you ultimately want to be.  Intrusive thoughts might be getting between you and your goals and certain dynamics/situations may be causing friction at work. If this is true for you, then joining a leadership group could be a game-changing move.


Stephanie runs a Mastermind group, a facilitated leadership programme for a curated group of women business leaders. These are women who are talented and committed to their development (just like you) and who know they can unlock answers faster when bolstered by other smart, kind and collaborative women.


Stephanie’s Mastermind programme combines training on key leadership skills, expert input from the group on your most pressing issues and unlimited access to coaching from Stephanie. This means that whatever you’re facing, whether it’s a challenge or opportunity, you won’t be navigating it alone. In fact, you’ll be harnessing the brainpower and experience of six savvy women, enabling you to achieve exponential growth and immediate results.


Can you see yourself growing through a group programme?

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