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Result: Congratulations, you are more than ready!

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You scored over 85% which means you experience very few of the internal barriers that often limit women when they advance into leadership. You clearly believe in your abilities, feel aligned with the increased demands of your role and have the confidence to be visible and lead. Which is brilliant.


So what’s your next step?


Welcome to the exciting stage of refining. This is where you begin honing your technical leadership skills to help set you apart and become a change-maker colleagues will look up to. Focus is key here. Ask yourself what your current strengths are and identify what needs developing. Is it people management, project management, financial literacy? Perhaps it’s technical expertise related to your specific role or industry.


A critical area most leaders need to work on is their communication skills. If a leader can’t command a room, deliver engaging presentations (virtually, as well as in person) or handle challenging conversations with grace, their level of influence will always be limited. The majority of us aren’t born with a natural flair for public speaking, but we can get there by cultivating our skills through a dedicated and strategic approach.


Transforming leaders into compelling communicators is one of Stephanie’s areas of expertise. If this sounds like something you’d like to achieve and want to find out more, book a commitment-free call with Stephanie to explore your options:

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